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Our Company

KALMARK Integrated Systems Ltd. is leading the industry in the manufacture of rotating equipment for the electrical wire and cable, steel rope, conduit and flexible pipe industries.

The company provides a full range of services from production consulting, project management, plant relocation services, foundation design, detail manufacturing drawings, installation supervision and alignment, through to commissioning. KALMARK also offers after sale service and spare parts.

We offer flexible solutions to your cable making requirements. These solutions may include custom modifications, upgrading of individual components or integrating new and existing sections. We provide customized solutions to Canadian, USA and International wire and cable manufacturers.

KALMARK Integrated Systems Ltd. head office and manufacturing facility is located in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. While manufacturing in North America has been down in recent years, our machines are still engineered and built in Canada.


Available from KALMARK Integrated Systems Ltd. are:

Interlock Armouring Machines: KALMARK provides custom engineered systems for strip armouring of cables, casings, and flexible conduits. Integrated solutions have been developed for use in all industries. Continuous Interlock Strip Aroumouring may be produced to a variety of specifications.

Stranding / Cabling Machines: KALMARK has developed a new breed of Stranding Machines; with faster capabilities and higher output performance. Recently there has been growing interested directed towards our re-designed Roll-Form Single-Twist and Double-Twist Stranding Lines.

Auxilliary Equipment: Offered are take-ups, payoffs and caterpullers engineered for use in most production lines.


KALMARK uses science and engineering to come up with the most efficient equipment and process to manufacture wire and cable. We put the right machines together, make them work and function the way that they should.

We produce new production equipment lines for stranding, cabling and interlock armouring. We occasionally offer select reconditioned equipment and integrate with our new processing lines.

We can also offer to integrate our new SIW roll-form modules with existing customer supplied stranding equipment.

Laser Alignment Services: KALMARK provides special laser alignment services for planetary stranding lines, tubular stranders and other wire processing lines.

Installation Supervision: Call KALMARK Integrated Systems Ltd. for more information.

Pre-Start Health and Safety Review: Before you start-up your new machines, it’s important to have a pre-start health and safety review (PSR) of your production line. Machines are potentially hazardous because of moving parts, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems, exhausts and chemicals.

Field Service: KALMARK’s support staff provides on-site field services including machine maintenance, software upgrades, calibration, adjustments and repairs.