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Continuous Interlock Armouring System

Product Description

The continuous interlock armouring line is suitable for the manufacturing of both round and submersible pump cables, as well as MC (metal clad) products according to the requirements of UL & CSA specifications.

The larger machines, such as CIA-125 CIA-125, and CIA-150 are mainly used for aluminum alloy and steel tape armoured power cable and down well submersible oil pump cables.

KALMARK provides engineered systems for strip armouring of cables, casings, and exible conduits. Solutions can been adapted for use in all industries.

Our design has no slip rings!

We've eliminating slip rings, on our machines.

Slip rings get worn out. The brushes need replacing, constantly! We've solved this problem by making our tension control system fully nematic, with accurate, electronic, automatic control.

Stop running around!

We've put everything on one side. Now operators can see everything they need to, the strip coil gets loaded into the same side as the armouring head.

Expanding Chuck Feature

The KALMARK AIR-CHUCK strip coil chuck saves even more time during strip coil change over.

Long Run-Time Feature

Our Interlock Systems are designed to take a strip coil up to 12" wide. This allows for longer run-time, and less coil-end wasted strip.

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We have armouring solutions for all applications.

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Continuous Interlock Strip Aroumouring is used for the following applications and may be produced to a variety of specifications:

AC 90 CablesCSA 22.2
Armoured Cables (BX)UL 4
Down Well Pump Cables[Flat & Round]
Metal Clad CablesUL 1569
TECK-90 CablesCSA 22.2
Instrumentation Cables
Telecommunications Cables
Liquid Tight & Flexible Conduits
Mechanical Conduits & Hoses Mechanical Push-Pull Cables
Aircraft Push-Pull Cables
Automotive Brake Cables
Marine Push-Pull Cables
Coaxial Cables
Control Cables
Data Cables
Fibre Optic Cables
Fire Alarm Cables
Vacuum Hoses
Power Cables
And more...