Our Company

Louis J. Kalmar, P. Eng., president and founder of Kalmark Integrated Systems, has 40 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of wire and cable production equipment. His level of expertise is unmatched, leading to innovative manufacturing solutions and efficiency of production.

KALMARK is an industry leader in the manufacturing and development of rotating equipment for wire and cable production. Our equipment can be used to produce electrical wire and cable, steel rope, conduit, flexible pipe and fibre optics products.

We offer flexible solutions to meet your cable making demands. This may include standard new equipment production lines, as well as custom solutions for upgrading existing equipment with new custom performance enhancing upgrades of digital controls and auxiliary equipment. Also offered are reconditioning services and spare parts for all brands of Western OEM produced equipment.

Our engineers and technicians have a broad understanding of cable making concepts and methods, allowing us to help you achieve your goals in production speed and capacity. Based on International standards, and our family values, we stand behind the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the equipment we produce.

We provide customized solutions to North American and International wire and cable producers.

KALMARK maintains its commitment to Canadian manufacturing through our latest expansion at our location in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


Leading Industry Innovation
KALMARK is continually developing technology according to industry trends.

Our comprehensive approach to business is seen through each step of the process—from fabrication of simple parts, to building and assembly, to real-world testing and in-house operations.

From our newly developed 150 mm Armouring Machine to our complimentary Strip Rewinding System, we have a solution best suited to your project.

Top to Bottom: Flat Down Well Pump Cable, Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit, BX MC (Metal Clad) Cable, Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit, Flexible Conduit/MC Cable, Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit
Continuous Interlock Armouring Machine