Interlock Armouring

Our interlock armouring machines are custom engineered systems for strip armouring of cables, casings and flexible conduits. Machines are made for the production of armoured cable using a continuous armouring process, interlocking or helical, to protect cables from fire or from being crushed. Generally, strip is used for the armouring process.

Integrated solutions have been developed for use in all industries; Continuous interlock strip armouring is available for ESP oil industry, TEC POWER solar and mining, BX POWER and MC POWER for commercial and industrial, and SPECIAL MC for fibre optic and RF-5G cables.

Our Wire and Cable Production Equipment
KALMARK utilizes in house mechanical and electrical engineering to custom tailor each machine to your exact requirements. Each machine is provided with CAD drawing installation layout and assembly drawings as well as all electrical schematics and specifications.

Our equipment is extremely rugged, with many of our machine systems still in operation after 35 years of production. We also offer system upgrades for digital electronic control systems. Our proven and safe designs will result in decades of production capability.

What is an armouring machine for?
The continuous interlock armouring line is suitable for the manufacturing of both round and flat submersible pump cables, as well as metal clad (MC) products according to the requirements of UL and CSA specifications.

CIA-50-1200-MC Interlock Armouring Line

CIA-125-800 Interlock Armouring Line

The CIA-50, our 50 mm Interlock Armouring Machine, features an integrated capstan and strip coil stand.

Typical Line Layout: 50 mm
– 1250 mm (50”) Roll-In Pay-off 
– 50 mm (2”) Strip Armouring Machine: Model CIA-50
– 900 mm (36”) Single Wheel Capstan, or alternatively, optional, 1200 mm (48”) Linear Belt Caterpuller 
– Length Measurement Caterpuller (optional) and Dancer 
– 1850 mm (72”) Gantry type, Stationary Reel Take-up

The larger machines, such as CIA-100 and 125, are mainly used for aluminum alloy and steel tape armoured power cable and down well submersible oil pump cables. KALMARK provides engineered systems for strip armouring of cables, castings and flexible conduits. Solutions can be adapted for use in all industries.

Typical Line Layout: 125 mm
– 3050 mm (120”) Roll-Through Pay-off 
– 125 mm (5”) Strip Armouring Machine: Model CIA-125
– 1200 mm (48”) Linear Belt Caterpuller
– Length Measurement Caterpuller (optional) and Dancer
– 3050 mm (120”) Roll-Through, Traversing Reel Take-up

CIA-125-800 Interlock Armouring Line

The overall dimensions of the equipment may be made to suit the available space for installation in the customer’s production plant.

– Standard CIA model machines are supplied with single stage roll forming assemblies. Certain strip profiles may require multiple stage roll forming assemblies.
– For applications requiring spring steels or medium carbon steels, refer to helical wrap casing machine.
– Maximum strip coil size is 305 mm width x 900 mm OD with a maximum weight of 1000 kg. This large coil size enables extremely long production runs.
– A wide variety of strip materials may be used, such as aluminum, brass, copper, Monel, mild galvanized steel, plain uncoated steel, and stainless steel.
– KALMARK utilizes digital drives with servo motor motion control accuracy, far exceeding conventional AC controls.
– All KALMARK rotating equipment is both dynamically and statically balanced for smooth operation and simple foundation design.

Feature: Pneumatic Tension Control
Our design has no slip rings!
We have eliminated slip rings on our machines.
Slip rings get worn out over time; the brushes need replacing constantly. We have solved this problem by making our tension control system fully pneumatic, with accurate, electronic, automatic control.


Our interlock systems are designed to take a strip coil up to 12” wide. This allows for a longer runtime and less coil end wasted strip.

The KALMARK Air Chuck strip coil chuck saves even more time during strip coil changeover.

AC 90 CablesCSA 22.2
Armoured Cables (BX)UL 4
Down Well Pump CablesFlat and Round
Metal Clad CablesUL 1569
TECK-90 CablesCSA 22.2
Instrumentation Cables
Telecommunications Cables
Liquid Tight & Flexible
Mechanical Conduits & Hoses
Mechanical Push-Pull Cables
Aircraft Push-Pull Cables
Automotive Brake Cables
Marine Push-Pull Cables
Coaxial Cables
Control Cables
Data Cables
Fibre Optic Cables
Fire Alarm Cables
Vacuum Hoses
Power Cables

Strip Armouring Profiles:
The “ROUND” or “S” shape is most commonly used to armour BX cables, custom armouring, power cables or flexible conduit. The positive locking cross section provides a good blend between low convolution count and high production output. This design may also provide moderately high armour pull strength, with excellent flexibility and resistance to crushing.

The “SQUARE” or “Q” shape offers the highest tensile pull strength, and crushing resistance, while still providing good flexibility. This profile is used extensively with flexible conduits and hose type applications.

The “Z” profile is employed for special armour protection applications which require high flexibility. The most common usage is for the application of steel onto flat cable for down well pump cables.

125mm Continuous Interlock Armouring Machine, producing round armored cable.