Engineering Services

KALMARK utilizes decades of experience and proven proprietary designs together with current technology and electronic controls to provide the most efficient equipment and processes. We provide the right solution, equipment and upgrades to result in a finished product that will meet and exceed expectations.

Our engineers have years of experience in machine design, development and manufacturing of wire and cable production equipment. It is this hands-on experience using the machines we build that is invaluable to the design process. We ensure innovative manufacturing solutions and machine efficiency.

We also offer production consulting services, project management, foundation design, detailed manufacturing drawings, installation supervision, alignment by laser, as well as after-sales service.

Custom Engineering and Design

Inquire about standard new equipment production lines, as well as custom solutions for upgrading existing equipment with new custom performance enhancing upgrades of digital controls and auxiliary equipment. Also offered are reconditioning services and spare parts for all brands of Western OEM produced equipment.


Standard after sales service includes commissioning and operator training. We are available to provide follow up diagnosis and service instructions. Depend on us to keep your operations running optimally, all the time.

Precision Alignment

Stranding equipment requires occasional precision alignment for safe and smooth operation.

Factory Layout Planning

Ask us for a professional opinion before purchasing equipment. We can help guide you to the best decision for your production needs.

Pre-Start Safety Review

Moving a machine in your factory? Relocating to a new space?
By law, any equipment that has been moved or relocated requires safety certification by a Professional Engineer. Before you reboot, have us approve your machine set up—we’ll make sure it’s safe for operation as required!

We offer flexible solutions to meet your cable making demands. If you are looking to acquire new standard production equipment, factory reconditioned equipment, upgrade individual components, or need after sales service or spare parts, please visit our contact page to fill out an inquiry form or send an email to