Single Twist Stranding Line

Single Twist

Don’t fall behind!
The industry is changing quickly, with a new trend towards compacted power cables.

Our Single & Double Twist Stranders provide versatility. Capable of using both aluminum or copper to produce 61 Wire Roll-Form Compacted Cable and 53 Wire SIW design, up to 500 mm².

KALMARK has developed new standards for stranding machines with faster capabilities and higher output performance.

Product Description 
The 2.2 m and larger machines may produce up to 61 wires or 1000K cm/500 mm².
Typical production rate up to 200 RPM rotational and up to 75 m / min. line speed. 
This machine has the capability to produce the 53 wire SIW designs as a cost savings alternative to 37 & 61 wire cables.