KALMARK has flexible designs for direct mounting on the floor, roof, between machines or over cooling troughs. The frame and support structures are fabricated from rectangular structural steel tubes and plates. Vertical column type construction is available and suited to factory ceiling height. Very large storage capacity machines are of the horizontal design and are typically column mounted above the process line.

All accumulators feature a cantilever mounted sheave design, for user friendly “string up,” with cable supports both top and bottom, as well as pneumatically actuated cable clamps.

The hauling unit consists of an AC gear motor directly coupled to the moving linear sheave support carriage. The carriage is driven in both directions and can be reversed for string up.

Machines are available with pulley diameters, from 400 to 2000 mm.

Available to achieve product storage ranges from 10 to 1000 m capacity. Accumulator capacity may be extended by dual sheave assemblies.

Consult KALMARK specifications or quotation for exact performance data. Each unit is custom designed to suit customer drive, PLC, overall space and mounting requirements.