KALMARK offers every configuration and type of take-up and pay-off for use with process lines for the manufacturing of wire and cable, conduit and hose.

We offer take-ups from as small as 900 mm to as large as 4.5 m. Each system is offered with a variety of tension control options for accurate layer winding of the cable onto the reel. The winding of the finished product may be onto the reels or collapsible head type reel less coilers. Our take-up features numerous safety features to protect the operator.

– Standard electrical systems for North American with 480V/3/60 and famous brand North American drives, motors and mechanical components
– A variety of reel raise systems are offered with electro-mechanical, manual-mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic for process specific applications and budgets
– Rotating take-up cablers may be configured for laying up of insulated ROUND and SECTOR cores or screening of aluminum, copper or steel wires
– Screen covering of cables with up to 120 wires per layer

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