Product Description
KALMARK offers both two pad and four pad eccentric taping machines for the application of metallic and non-metallic tapes. These units are designed for improved tension control on each tape, with a revolutionary new feature which permits tension adjustment while running.

A digital tension feature is offered for repeat set-ups. The unit is driven through independent electric motors. Tape tension and cable guiding systems are custom designed to suit the requirements of each application.

– AC Flux Vector / Servo Drives
– Digital tension control systems
– Tension adjustment while running
– Strobe light freeze-viewing of tape application

Maximum Speed1000 RPM
Tape Pad WeightSee performance chart
Tape Tension2 – 10 kg
Tape Width12.7 – 100 mm
Tape Overall Diameter800 mm max. OD
Tape Bore152 mm DIA
Tape MaterialMetallic or Non-metallic oriented polypropylene woven cloth, polyester fibre glass, paper and Mylar tapes
Tape Thickness0.05 – 0.5 mm
Lay Angle75 – 28 degrees
Tape Overlap0% – 50%
Cable Diameter10 – 60 mm
Bore of Passage66 mm
Motor10 HP AC Vector