Individual components common to most process lines.

Taping Machines

We have taping solutions for many applications, both concentric and eccentric types—inquire to know more.

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Machines used in every application for unwinding and winding cable onto a reel. We have a various types and sizes.


We offer take-ups from as small as 900 mm to as large as 4.5 m. Each system is offered with a variety of tension control options for accurate layer winding of the cable onto the reel. The winding of the finished product may be onto the reels or collapsible head type reel less coilers. Our take-up features numerous safety features to protect the operator.


Product DescriptionA variety of dancers are available for controlling the tension and line speed of cables during the winding and unwinding from pay-offs and take-ups. Typically, the units are of the low inertial carriage supported on linear bearings with pneumatic loading and position sensing via non contact laser sensors. Some units are configured for dual …

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