Tubular Strander

Product Description
Our high speed tubular strander is suitable for stranding aluminum: aluminum alloy, aluminum steel clad and copper. Produced from 630 mm to 1250 mm with configurations of 6, 12 and 18 wires.

– High speed design, using encircling bearings with three reel cradles per barrel section
– Fully enclosed electro mechanical “clam shell” sound proof enclosure
– Fail safe safety cradles with pneumatic pintle type cradles

Maximum Strand Diameter16.0
Lay Length50 – 400 mm
Line Speed225 mpm
Maximum Speed950 RPM
MaterialWire Diameter (mm)
Alu ASTM 13502.0 – 5.3
Alu Alloy2.0 – 5.0
Alu Steel Clad2.0 – 4.5
Copper2.0 – 5.0

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