KALMARK has flexible designs for direct mounting on the floor, roof, between machines or over cooling troughs. The frame and support structures are fabricated from rectangular structural steel tubes and plates. Vertical column type construction is available and suited to factory ceiling height. Very large storage capacity machines are of the horizontal design and are …

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Double Twist

The 1.8 m machine may strand up to 37 wires. For this we use in-line roll forming to shape wires before they are stranded into a single cable.

Rigid Frame Strander

Features:– The rigid frame strander may be configured for stranding of classical strand constructions or Unilay screening.– Cages are available for 400, 500, 630, 800 mm.– Reel sizes of cage capacities of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 48 bobbins per cage, with cage speeds up to 300 RPM.

Single Twist

The 2.2 m and larger machines may produce up to 61 wires or 1000K cm/500 mm².
Typical production rate up to 200 RPM rotational and up to 75 m / min. line speed.
This machine has the capability to produce the 53 wire SIW designs as a cost savings alternative to 37 & 61 wire cables.


Suitable for the application of thin metallic and non-metallic tapes. Typical tapes are as follows:
Non-metallic; oriented polypropylene woven cloth, polyester fibre glass reinforced, paper, and Mylar, SCWBT, NCWBT tapes
Metallic; thin copper, bronze or stainless steel, and galvanized steel

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Product DescriptionSuitable for the application of paper or Mylar onto the centre core of small power cables in line with continuous interlock armouring machine.

Strip Rewinder

Introducing a machine to accompany our Armouring Systems, the Strip Rewinding System: Product Description This machine is used to rewind flat, metal strip—specifically for the purpose of preparing a wound coil which we then put into our Interlock Armouring lines. Our interlock machines, such as CIA-50 and CIA-125 are immediately able to load a package …

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Round Wire Helical

Introducing our Round Wire Helical Armouring process line:  Product Description The machine is fabricated from hollow structural steel tubing and plate. It is built with heavy double row bearings, lubricated by a central recirculating hydraulic system. All rotating parts are well guarded, including an emergency stop safety system. Tension is pneumatically maintained. Supply reel is …

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